GRACE BIBLE COLLEGE is a project of Christian witness for Nepal

Vision and statement

With mt. Everest large in its landscape, Nepal is a small federal republic democratic nation (32 millions) situated between two very large ones: china and India. Most of its citizens are Hindu. Christians make up ½ of 1% of the population. But God is moving. The founder and apostolic of network of Christian churches Christian of Nepal, Simon peter has led 100’s to Christ and planted more than 300 churches. According to Christianity today magazine: “Nepal is one of Asia’s most stunning church growth stories.” Nepal is situated in the center of the two largest mission fields on the earth: china and India. Nepal and the surrounding areas can best be reached by native missionaries.

The greatest need for spirit-filled Christians in Nepal is theological training for their pastors. The growing numbers of pastors have virtually no theological training. Part of this organization’s (cwfn) mission statement reads: “to equip and train pastors and Christians workers for ministry. To empower local and national Christian leaders to plant churches among the unreached. To preach and be a witness to the gospel of Christ and establish his kingdom in Nepal.” this would include neighboring nations such as Tibet, china and India.

God helped us to start Grace Bible College since 2009. We are looking to provide housing, food and teaching materials for 60 pastors (or more, some of them have families), four professors and one president.

COURSE STUDY: After two years of classroom work to earn an associates degree, there will be a year of internship under a local pastor, then a final year of classes to earn a bachelor’s degree.

FIRST YEAR: first semester - English grammar, biblical backgrounds, survey of Old Testament, biblical stewardship, devotional life, the prophets

FIRST YEAR: second semester - English grammar, Christian ethics, and evangelism (personal and church), and the church: the house of God, synoptic gospels, and hermeneutics.

SECOND YEAR: first semester - English grammar, pastoral ministry and preaching, worship, gospel of john, acts, romans.

SECOND YEAR: second semester - English grammar, awakenings and revivals (bible & church history), systematic theology, evangelism and missions, first Corinthians, Pastoral Epistles

THIRD YEAR: - internship under local pastor and others in the field

FOURTH YEAR: - first semester – eschatology, prison epistles, church planting, Hebrews, general epistles, and the Holy Spirit: person & ministry

FOURTH YEAR: - second semester – world religions (apologetics), philosophy, the Pentateuch

Restoration and Leadership: - nehemiah-ezra-esther, Christology, life and letters of Paul

Budget for grace bible college

  • We also need $400 a month for four professors, totaling $1600 a month; $19,200 a year.
  • We need a president to oversee, administrate and also teach. That will be $450 a month; $5400 a year.
  • This totals to a monthly budget of $8500 and an annual budget of $120600. This is a very small amount for such an impact on this strategic nation.

William Cary, the father of modern missions, realized the importance of Nepal. He spent his life in India but he translated the New Testament into the Nepalese language in 1821. He spent 9 years working on this project.

Nepal is important for the Nepalese people, but it is even more important because of its international outreach. The Christian churches of Nepal have a burden to reach other Asians with the good news of Jesus Christ. We can help. By doing so little, we can help so much.

Project summary

People targeted

Unreached groups from different parts of Nepal where the gospel has not penetrated such as Tamang, Sunam, Biswakarma, Nepali, Pariyar, Sundas, Bardewa, Gurung, Rai, Limbu, Magar, serpa, Newar and all castes of Nepal from poverty level and down trodden and marginalized backgrounds.

Project Goals

  • To provide facilities for an increase from 50 to 60 students in bible college.
  • To improve the content of the present one year course and provide an option for a two year course to enable specialization in evangelism, pastoring teaching and church planting to enhance the spiritual stature of the college and attract more students.
  • The overall goal of the bible college is to train and equip the future leadership of the Christian church of Nepal.


The first year of a 3 year project is to increase the accommodations and facilities to cater for 100 students.


  • Seek provision of resources from inside and outside Nepal.
  • Provide additional dormitories.
  • Provide additional class rooms.
  • Provide additional items for students’ welfare.
  • Recruit extra teaching staffs.
  • Solicit extra teaching material, incorporating the latest audio/video visual aids etc.
  • Arrange for tuition by teachers of specialist subjects from internationally recognized Bible Colleges/ institutions as necessary.
  • Supply additional text books and workbooks.
  • Supply improved communication and reproduction facilities.

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